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The Great Depression that started in 1929 with the crash of the American Stock Market is one of the most discussed financial phenomenon of the twentieth century. This event, or events impacted nearly every single American and was also felt all around the globe. Any attempt to figure out the exact cause of this depression typically ends in confusion and more than one explanation. The reason for this is, there is not one single thing or event that caused the Stock Market crash or the resulting depression. Looking back, historians can see that like other major…

He was so much more than peanuts!

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It is unfortunate that many people only associate peanuts with George Washington Carver. He was a man of many other talents and should be understood for all he brought to farming and the production of crops. George Washington Carver had a life filled with exceptional challenges and still provided the world with numerous advancements. He was a man who was an inventor, a constant worker, and who worked to improve the lives of farmers in the Southern United States. Here is a look at his contributions from that view.

Carver was born into…

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Textile Factories as we know them started in England prior to the American Revolution. Taxes on goods and boycotts of such goods created some issues of supply in the Colonies. With a little ingenuity and some sneaky behavior, textile machines and the ideas of the factories made their way to the Americas.

American textile factories have their beginnings in the New England area. Why were these factories and the textiles they produced started in the Northern states and not the South? Did they make their way to other parts of the country? …

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Harriet Tubman is one of the most recognized names of the Civil War era. Her heroics and actions during this era have become legendary. But who was this woman? Where are the best places to learn more about her? What are the best books to read?

Harriet Tubman, the “Moses” of her people, was born a slave in Dorchester County, Maryland. She worked on a plantation with her family until she decided that she had had enough and created a plan to escape. Once she had reached the North she realized that she could not stay while her people were…

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Raising children is hard. No matter what century or how many, it’s hard! In the 21st century there are thousands and thousands of books, videos and unsolicited advice to help parents raise their children. Guidelines for what makes a “good child” today are cloudier then ever though. There are global opinions on how to raise a child as well as the opinions of your religion, your family and the general culture that surround you. Have you ever wondered what resources were available in earlier times? …

Learning is Important, Keep Reading

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We have all heard the phrase, “reading is fundamental.” It is. And it will continue to be important. I am working on finishing my thesis for my Master’s Degree, starting a business and generally just trying to not go crazy. You would think that with everything going on I would not be able to find time to read, except for what is required.

This is wrong. I make the time to read. I make the time to learn. This is important. I understand if reading books is not your thing. But practice does make perfect…

Make a Delicious Easy Dinner!!!!

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If you are trying to save money, you should work on not throwing food away. This can be difficult at the beginning until you figure out portion sizes and exactly how much to buy. If you are shopping at a store like Aldi’s that has most vegetables pre-packaged this can also be difficult.

Learning how to use leftover food is a skill and one you can master! One of my favorite “free” meals is stir fry. I call it a “free” meal because I have already spent the money on the vegetables for other meals. Stir fry can be anything…

Save Some Money with One Simple Trick, Maybe Two

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The kitchen is a great place to make some quick and easy changes to save money. And while you are saving money you can also save the planet!

This article will discuss kitchen sponges. Everyone likes to have clean dishes. Which means we need clean sponges. The good sponges can be expensive and hard to actually keep clean. What if there was a way to double the life of your sponge in one easy step?

There is such magic available! All you have to do is cut the sponge in half!!!!! I know some of you think this is a…

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Recently I have been struggling with figuring out what it is that I want to do. I have always had a “purpose.” Now, I am sitting in my house during a global pandemic and I can be anything I want to be. But who is this person I want to be? My first answer is, “How the hell am I supposed to know?” But that isn’t the entire truth. I’ve always known who I am. I know who I am supposed to be. The question now is how do I become her. …

Keep Your Luggage Light by Taking Some Soap!

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One easy way to keep your luggage light is by taking a small amount of laundry soap. I have a laundry bar which is the size of a bar of soap that I pack. This works well if you get a stain on a shirt and also works to do a wash of bathing suits, tops, socks, etc. By taking some soap you extend your wardrobe! …

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